Prison Ministry

New Testament Church of God Harvest Temple Wolverhampton Prison Ministry

Our Vision/Mission Statement

To bring liberty to those in Captivity, through the Ministry of the Word.

Founding Scripture: Isaiah 61:1

The Wolverhampton Prison Ministry was formally birthed in January 2003. We first started ministering at Dovegate Prison, Uttoxeter, and now we also visit Stoke Heath Prison, near Market Drayton and Werrington Youth Offending Institute in Stoke on Trent. We also regularly attended Onley Prison and Shrewsbury Prison until it was closed. We have on occasions ministered at Drake Hall and Foston Hall, Women's Prisons and have supported the West Midlands (Birmingham) team at Oakwood in Featherstone.

During our years of service, we have seen hundreds of men (some women), young and old, come to know the Lord and have conducted numerous baptisms at Dovegate, at one time on a monthly basis. The prisoners are encouraged to take part in the service by singing, sharing a testimony or reading the scriptures. Those who can are also encouraged to play musical instruments.

The team consists of the following regular members, all of whom have to be approved and released by their respective Pastors to join the team, and interviewed by appointed members of the team. Their main role or assignment within the team is listed, although every member is given the opportunity to share the Word or share a testimony, pray, or read the scripture.

New Testament Church of God, Harvest Temple

St. Mary’s Church of England, Bushbury

New Testament Church of God, Stoke on Trent

Although the team is made up of individuals from different churches, one thing we boast is that we are truly united in the Lord, by the work of the Holy Spirit.

All our members have to be security cleared to attend the various prisons and majority of us have undertaken National Prison and Care Ministries or Chaplaincy Training Courses.

We meet at the beginning of each year to review the ministry and also try and meet a minimum of three times a year for corporate prayer.

The team has grown from strength to strength and in God’s grace and favour, despite experiencing some major obstacles along the way, including having a stroke during a service in one of the prisons and a car breakdown on the M6 motorway whilst in the outside lane. All weI can say is God has been so good to us, and to Him be given all the glory, honour and praise. He has done great things and continues to do so, in our own individual lives, in the lives of the prisoners we minister to, and also in the lives of Chaplaincy teams and the wardens who oversee the services.

The vision is unquestionably being fulfilled and all praises belong to God. We have seen God bring light out of darkness and hope out of despair.

We need your continued support!