Women's Discipleship Ministries

New Testament Church of God Harvest Temple, Women Discipleship Ministry

WDM Leadership

Mission Statement

Assist women in developing a deeper understanding and relationship in God through worship, fellowship and leisure and to enhance our relationship with the wider community by welcoming other cultures and organisations.

WDM - Aims & Objectives

We hold monthly meetings via Zoom and in person, dependant on various factors, i.e., Covid restrictions or weather conditions. In our meetings, we have discussions, teaching and presentations on specific topics, as well as various health and medical issues. In addition, women of the church and the wider community are encouraged to engage in our church outreach projects – these includes:

YWDM - Aims & Objectives

To minister holistically to girls and young ladies between the ages of 8 to 23 years, regardless of their culture, social statues and remembering that we are all one, under Father God.

The YWDM aims to empower young girls and ladies in various areas of their lives.  This includes:

Proverbs 31:31 – NIV

‘Honour her for all that her hands have done and let her works bring her praise at the city gate’.


The women of the New Testament Church of God have a rich, yet diverse history.  We have so much to be proud and thankful for.  We firstly need to recognise the strong, dedicated pioneers who have had an immeasurable influence on the growth of our Church from its original seven members to its present 10,000 registered members and adherents in excess of 30,000.  Since the founding, women have been a vital part of the ministry of this Church in various areas such as Sunday School, Youth Work, Evangelism, Missions, Education and also in the preaching of the Word.

Our courageous pioneers have preached, visited, started churches, taught, cared for each other and have worked shoulder to shoulder with their follow ministers and colleagues to share the good news of salvation.

Many of our women are unsung heroes who have worked faithfully behind the scenes to enhance God’s Kingdom.

The Early Years

Mrs D Barrett, the wife of the first Pastor of the Croydon Church, introduced the Women’s Ministries, in 1958.  As the National Church was only in its infancy and the Women’s Ministries was not officially organised, she was unable to operate effectively. Shortly after this, she and her husband emigrated to the United States in America.

In 1964 the Women’s Ministries was officially organised by Sister Rose Lyseight, the wife of Rev Oliver A Lyseight, the State Overseer, (as he was then known).  Sister Lyseight, had received a letter from the General Headquarters of the Church, stating that the State Overseer’s wife should be the State President of this Department.  However, in Sister Lyseight’s own words, “no instruction was given, no handbook was sent to me to operate in this office.”

Sis Lyseight observed how her husband directed the General Church and decided to follow a similar pattern.  She commenced with the following:

During those early days the women’s session was held on the Saturday during the National Conventions from (10.00am until 2.00pm).  After a while and following excellent growth, Sis Lyseight requested a weekend for the women, her request was granted for a weekend celebration, which became known as Ladies Seminar.

The First Women’s Ministries National Board Consisted of:

Mrs R A Lyseight (National President)
Mrs M Barnes
Mrs M J Arnold (National Secretary)
Mrs W Garwood
Mrs L L Thomas
Mrs E L Thomas
Mrs H Jackson
Mrs D Thompson
Mrs G Hall
Mrs U Longmore

Succeeding presidents, Sis Nerisa McIntyre, Sis Joyce Arnold and Sis Phyllis Brown, Sis Millicent Brown and Sis Joycelyne Bolt, (current president), successfully continued Women’s Ministries, building on the foundations, which were laid.  Faithful and dedicated women who have been the ‘backbone’ of our development supported them.  The women laboured in a variety of ways and have greatly enhanced the ministries of our church by raising funds to purchase buildings, by teaching some indispensable life truths and by living on their faith in a real and vibrant way.

WDM Conference

Watch Wolverhampton District WDM Conference
Sunday 16th October 2022 on YouTube

WDM Conference

Watch Harvest Temple Mother's Day Service
Sunday 27th March 2022 on YouTube

WDM Conference

Watch Wolverhampton District WDM Conference
Saturday 17th October 2021 on YouTube

WDM Conference

Watch Wolverhampton District WDM Conference
Sunday 17th October 2020 on YouTube

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