Youth Department

New Testament Church of God Harvest Temple Wolverhampton

We aim to be a church ‘where young people are passionate to serve Christ with Excellence’ – Youth Department Mission statement.

The youth department works alongside parents to holistically support our young people through their life's journey, helping them to become successful adults. We offer one to one mentoring as well as family support.

We have a number of activities and programs that are organised to best support our young people, most of which take place on a Friday and Sunday. We also have youth days, district youth convention and feed into the national youth convention and events.

The youth leaders are passionate to support the young people and will always go the extra mile in order for them to progress.

  • Friday Youth activities:
  • Youth Club - 1st Friday of each month in the New Trust Centre– aged 11 - 23 old

  • Sunday Youth activities:
  • Our Sunday activities follow an annual curriculum and runs throughout all youth activities.

    Little Kingdom Kids – ages 3 - 6 (meet weekly) – learning bible stories, songs and creating through messy play. (Wait for sign to go up during service)

    Kingdom Kids – ages 7 - 11 (meet twice a month) (wait for sign to go up during service)

    Kingdom Builders – ages 11 - 16 (meet once or twice monthly) at the New Trust centre (wait for sign to go up during service)

    * Young women’s is ran by the young women’s department with comes under the women’s ministry. For more information about this please see the women’s/young women’s leaders.

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